• Sledges

    Plastic and wooden Sledges

    There are many different kind of sledges, but the classical wooden sledge is probably the most famous one! Skates For Rental has selected this sledge in different sizes, kind of wood and foldable (or not). We kindly draw your attention for our newest sledge: The Snowhoover!

  • Winter Textile

    Winter textile that keeps you warm during skating

    Winter sportswear and textile, developed with both the active amateur and the professional sportsman in mind. By applying comfort and technical details, you may be assured of best sports results!

  • Speedskates

    Noren schaatsen op een meer

    Speedskates are mainly popular in the Netherlands. Wordlwide there are only a few wholesalers that are specialized in those skates. The most of these speedskates are high end (in price). Skates for Rental selected for you some speedskates with both the active amateur and the professional sportsman in mind.

  • Fully Automatic...

    Volautomatische slijpmachine voor kunst- en IJshockeyschaatsen

    Ice rinks want to sharpen their rental skates fast and good. Our fully automatic grinding machine is the modern solulion to the problem of sharpening figure- and icehockey skates identically time after time. We have also grinding stones and professional grinding tables for speedskates in our assortment.

  • Rental Skates

    • All rental skate blades are made from stainless steel.
    • The blades have already been pre-sharpened and for this reason the skates are direct ready-to-use
    • Our rentalskates have strong aluminium buckles that can not break easily.
    • In case the fastenings are broken, those are simple to replace with a screwable system.
  • Rental skate accessories


    For this rental skates accessories category we selected several products which are easy to have on or around ice rinks. What about a rental skate helmet, icehockey sticks, agility cones or training bibs?!

  • Other (summer) products

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